Websites began to go into full effect at the latter half of the 2000s, during this time, a multitude of popular sites such as the ones that we know of today and would be what Web Design Malaysia agencies will point for reference had begun to appear and were slowly gaining recognition as major corporations were beginning to use it for their online business as well solely online retail businesses coming up and becoming ever increasingly profitable. Tragedy had also struck unfortunately as it was during this time that the 9/11 attack happened which while was a great and horrible event in the world, it also allowed the surge of new trends such as the circulation of home made videos to get live feedback quickly without having to wait for videos censored and distributed by official news and televisions providers. This article covers the years between 2005 and 2010 and covers the design standards of the time and sites that gained popularity.

In terms of social communication, MySpace began its popularity during this time and helped to condense and place all the things that internet was capable of doing at the time and putting into one site while also acting as a social media platform. Listening to music online, watching videos and posting your thoughts and your opinions on things or to interact with other users. In the year 2007, smart phones began to surface and the came a challenge in how to migrate those designs from the desktop to a mobile device. The 960 grid system was used and after that a 12 column division was determined to help divide the screen into a manageable way and Bootstrap and Foundation were used to help create a library of elements that would allow creators to switch between the devices dimensions. Finally in 2010, responsive web design was created that would allow the user to continue to have the same layout and have it be easily change between the various devices and making it simple.