The best way of treating your liver is to eat healthily. There are many foods out there that are available for helping patients in treating their liver disease.

The most common food we usually heard from people saying that it is beneficial to our health, such as eating more vegetables, high fibre fruit like banana, papaya etc.

Generally speaking, basically it is all similar and linked. You will hear a lot of people advise you to eat more high fibre food, exercise more, eating less meat, cutting down sugar and salt intake in every meal you eat.

Apart of just eating “green grass”, the vegetables, you can consider eating some tofu, it tastes really good too. Tofu will help our physical body to low down the weight and most important is, it helps to build up a firmer foundation to our body muscular so that the fats will not easily grow in our body.

Over drinking of alcohol will also slowly affect your liver, without you noticing it. Many people choose to drink more coffee just to lower down and balance out the level of the enzyme inside the liver.

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If you are that type of person that lazy to move, then you should definitely consider choosing liver supplement to keep your liver on track.

Eating oats can also replace your actual meal as well. Do not worry, it still gives you sufficient energy to face the day.

Last but not least, you can drink milk to provide your body more protein, with some sunflower seeds as your snack as well.